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The Pros and Cons of Staffing Agency: Is it Right for Your Business

Staffing agencies can be a great asset to your company, especially if you need to hire qualified employees quickly. However, there are some drawbacks to these agencies that employers should also be aware of. Like everything you encounter, there are bound to be pros and cons. So, what are some pros and cons of working with a staffing agency?

What to Consider When Working with a Staffing Agency?



Hire Only When & What Is Needed

Whether it’s seasonal work or accommodating individuals in transition, flexible staffing solutions can help your company in uncertain times. With a pool of skilled employees seeking temporary or fill-in work, staffing agencies can provide you with the right individuals at the right time and place. Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining a full-time staff and instead embrace the efficiency of tailored staffing solutions. Additionally, these hires understand they are only there on a limited basis, so there is no firing or laying off process during the slow season.

Hire For You

Management is busy. They do not have the time to go through days of interviews. It is a waste of time and money. That is where a staffing agency comes in to narrow the pool to only the best of the best. This saves time, energy, and money so company’s can focus on their work. Interviews are also far more manageable because the agency will only send over the ones who will work for your company. All the guesswork is done – you can select the best candidate and return to regular operations.


Agencies May Narrow Too Much

Agencies can focus too narrowly on finding candidates that match a company’s specific requirements. However, by doing so, they may overlook individuals who could be a good fit for the position. Depending on the company’s bandwidth, the business should take the initiative to assess potential candidates themselves. In doing so, they may uncover hidden talent or give someone a chance who has more of what they want rather than what they don’t want. Taking control of the hiring process in this way can lead to better outcomes that wouldn’t have been possible if the agency were in control.

Impersonal Decisions

Building a personal connection with the people you hire is crucial. When hiring through a staffing agency, the process can feel impersonal and lacking in depth. This can be detrimental to effective management because it prevents managers from assessing candidates and may result in hiring someone unfit for the position. It’s important to take the time to personally engage with potential hires.

Work closely with your Staffing Agency for the Most Tailored Approach.

There are many benefits for partnering with a staffing agency including fast and efficient recruiting of top-notch employees. Yet, it can depersonalize the situation. Ultimately, they help a lot and save time and energy, so if you are interested in finding one for your Engineering, IT, HR or Accounting & Finance needs, contact MBS Pro Staffing. We will happily assist you and get you where you need and want to be.

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