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How Cincinnati Accounting Firms Can Prepare for Tax Season Staffing

As tax season approaches, businesses – especially in the accounting space – typically need to add talent. Needless to say, the job market for financial professionals at this time of the year becomes quite competitive. If your company struggles to source talented accountants, expect your ability to file timely tax returns to be hampered. It’s a risk you don’t want to take!

Because of the scenario, your business needs to sufficiently prepare a staffing strategy for tax season. Determining your hiring needs and having a plan for meeting them lies at the heart of this effort. Notably, a partnership with a Cincinnati accounting staffing agency helps you achieve your hiring goals during this time.

Let’s explore the various tax season staffing difficulties for businesses and how partnering with Cincinnati accounting recruiters helps. We also cover some of the multiple benefits gained by a staffing agency partnership. Expect to quickly source the experienced accountants you need during tax time and throughout the year.

Understanding Tax Season Staffing Challenges for Cincinnati Accounting Firms

As highlighted above, tax season naturally leads to an increased demand for financial professionals, especially accountants. Engaging in an internal staffing process to source the talent you need remains an expensive and risk-prone proposition. You identify a great candidate – for either a permanent or temporary position – only to see them accept another offer. All the time and resources spent recruiting them become sunk costs.

Additionally, any internal staffing process takes your focus away from running your business. This is especially the case during the stressful time of tax season. You need to focus more on a healthy balance sheet instead of perusing multiple resumes for your open position.

Nevertheless, you need to add some talented accountants right now to ensure your business tax returns get completed. No company wants to risk fines and tax penalties due to missing deadlines. Managing this difficult staffing scenario becomes easier when your business partners with an experienced Cincinnati accountant recruiting agency.

The Solution: Leveraging a Cincinnati Accounting Staffing Agency

Working with an agency specializing in accounting recruiting in Cincinnati offers a valid solution to your business’s hiring needs. This is also the case when you are looking for talented accountants at any time of the year. However, they especially make a valuable impact during the harried time of tax season.

A staffing agency lets your managers focus on running your business instead of vetting resumes and interviewing candidates. The best agencies boast robust candidate pools filled with qualified candidates with significant experience in business tax returns. Additionally, many of these financial professionals are flexible regarding permanent employment or temporary contract gigs.

Simply stated, building a partnership with a Cincinnati accounting staffing agency ensures your business successfully navigates tax season. Additionally, you reduce the risk of a wrong hiring decision while also saving money. It’s the right approach for any business needing to add accountants during tax season and throughout the year.

Benefits of Partnering with an Accounting Staffing Agency During Tax Season

To convince you of the value of partnering with an accounting staffing agency, let’s explore the most critical benefits. Leverage this information to analyze the capabilities provided by each Cincinnati recruiting firm you consider. Use them as competitive differentiators as part of a rating system helping you make the right choice. In fact, this process is not too dissimilar than deciding between two qualified candidates for an open position.

Seasonal Accounting Staffing is Cost-Effective

Leveraging a temporary-contract based approach for your seasonal accounting needs provides businesses with an opportunity for significant cost savings. Simply compare the expenses spent on permanent hires compared to contract workers. When tax season ends, these temp hires move onto their next gig, while your business’s staffing spend returns to normal.

With permanent employees, expect to pay both salaries and benefits throughout the year. Additionally, remember what we said about the risk-prone nature of any internal staffing process. A wrong hiring decision wastes all the money spent recruiting, onboarding, and training that employee. Any additional expenses spent on a new hiring process are added to the sunk costs of the previous failed effort.

Partnering with an accountant recruiting firm in Southwest Ohio ultimately helps your business save significant expenses. It also lets your business easily scale its talent level to meet peak demand periods, like tax season. Use this opportunity to allow your business to grow faster than ever!

Cincinnati Accounting Staffing Agencies Streamline Recruitment and Onboarding

The best staffing agencies boast well-honed processes for sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding talented professionals, including accountants. These capabilities greatly improve their overall efficiency, which becomes critical in a competitive job market, like during tax season. This time of the year requires you to move quickly to source the accounting talent your business needs. A bloated internal staffing process likely results in your company missing out.

Top recruiting companies leverage state of the art technology, like AI, to streamline the staffing process. These tools allow them to automate resume vetting and even candidate communication. It plays a key role in finding experienced accountants faster than your competition. Keep this capability in mind when comparing different Cincinnati staffing agencies. You ultimately want to partner with the best!

Access Top-Tier Talent with an Accounting Staffing Firm

Certain scenarios arise when your business needs to find an accountant with specific skills and experience. When partnering with a staffing agency with a large candidate pool, you have access to accountants with niche skillsets. This specialized expertise ensures your company has the ability to file complex tax returns before any looming deadlines. Note that large candidate pools also help you source talent more quickly compared to a less-experienced staffing agency.

The ability to access top-tier talent remains a leading reason for your business to partner with an experienced staffing agency. A company new to the Cincinnati market might not have the local connections to source the right financial professionals. Additionally, you want to work with a firm with relevant experience in your industry’s business sector. Don’t settle for anything less when searching for the right financial staffing agency for your business.

Steps to Prepare for Tax Season with a Staffing Agency

A successful tax season for your business requires a detailed plan along with employing the right number of accountants. Of course, this entire effort becomes easier with an experienced Cincinnati staffing agency as part of your team. Leverage the agency’s expertise and advice to prepare for managing your staffing needs during this time of the year.

Let’s look at some steps your business needs to accomplish as part of its tax season talent acquisition process. Use this information after choosing a staffing agency partner to ensure your company is prepared for tax time. Expect an accomplished recruiting firm to guide you through this prep work as well as the entire process.

Step #1: Assess Workload and Identify Staffing Needs

A good first step involves determining your business’s workload related to this year’s tax accounting. Obviously, companies providing accounting services on a B2B basis require a larger headcount at this time of the year. At the same time, businesses in any industry sector also need to consider the scope of this effort. It’s not a time to be short-staffed!

Use this workload analysis to determine the number of accountants you need to add to handle tax season. Also consider the temporary contracts vs. permanent employment question. Adding more employees positions your business for future growth, while temps ultimately save more money.

Step #2: Collaborate with the Accounting Staffing Agency to Set Expectations

After determining your business’s desired headcount – including contractors vs. employees – collaborate with your agency partner on a staffing plan. If you haven’t previously worked with the agency, provide an idea candidate profile. This includes a job description explaining the required skills and experience. Importantly, this profile also provides insights on your company culture, ensuring they place candidates with the right fit.

At this point, the agency finds a list of candidates matching your business’s needs and office culture. As noted earlier, experienced agencies with a large candidate pool might have accountants ready to quickly join your team.

Step #3: Streamline the Onboarding Processes for Temporary Accounting Staff

Once again, hiring accountants during tax season remains easier with an efficient staffing process. This same rule also applies to any post-hire onboarding effort. You want these new hires to quickly become productive, so ensure you onboard each accountant quickly.

This scenario highlights the importance of providing your agency partner with an ideal candidate profile. It ensures you hire accountants that understand the accounting tools your company uses and the nature of your business. Expect an accountant making the right fit to become productive with speed!

Leverage a Strategic Approach to Tax Season Staffing in Cincinnati with a Top Accounting Staffing Firm

If your business wants to partner with an experienced Cincinnati accounting staffing agency, consider the team at MBS Professional Staffing. We boast relevant industry expertise and an understanding of the local job market. As a result, expect to onboard the talent you need for a successful tax season.

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